As the dividing line between online and offline retailing continues to blur, 4-Tell provides an integrated suite of products that allows merchants to deliver individually personalized product recommendations to shoppers across all channels – web, email, mobile, CRM, and in-store. Our next-generation technology enables retailers of all sizes to increase conversion, sales and profits while providing a more engaging shopping experience at a compelling price point.

Our products are designed for the realities of the marketplace. We offer flat-fee pricing, easy integration across all e-commerce platforms, same day recommendations that dynamically begin personalizing product offerings with each click a shopper makes, and the ability to distribute them across all sales channels while providing an average increase of 17%+ in sales.

4-Tell’s technology is rooted in the Netflix Prize competition to design a better movie recommendation solution – an event that attracted more than 40,000 contestants, including elite teams of scientists from AT&T Labs and universities from around the globe. Our team beat 98.5% of the entries and became convinced they could transfer the proprietary algorithm into a commercially viable alternative to the complex and costly consulting-based models that dominated the market for product recommendations.

What’s in a Name?

Since the competition was based on the concept of being able to predict people’s behavior based on their preferences, we quickly focused on the concept of being able to ”foretell” what an individual would be inclined to buy and the company’s named evolved into “4-Tell.”

4-Tell Plug-ins

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The power of Boost Recommendations can increase your conversion rates by 18%!