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Holiday Review

Logical Position is one of our new partners and Ryan Garrow is their Ecommerce Expert and data wonk at heart when it comes to all things around Google Analytics. He’s always happy to share his knowledge. Here’s his take on why and how to review and assess your website traffic from the 2015 holidays to help your business in 2016.

How To Get More Value From Product Photography

This is the second in a series of posts from Genevieve Morganstern, CEO of Sadie. Today she talks about Versatility, leveraging the investment you should be making with product item photography.

Bring Them Back: Re-engaging Shoppers in Email

4-Tell & Bronto, a partnership to boost your revenue! It’s a fact. Email that includes personalized recommendations based on shopping behavior and purchase history increases conversion. This is because shoppers find email featuring personalized products helpful.

Why Product Photography Matters: Elevating Brands

We hire photographers for all sorts of things. When it comes to the price, often times we plan to pay top dollar to have our memories preserved for years to come, But when it comes to product photography for a business, the cost of photography is not viewed the same. This is the first in a series from Sadie, focusing on how photography elevates brands.

Upshot Commerce completes integration with 4-Tell, launches service for BodyCandy

Upshot Commerce, a provider of on-demand, fully customizable ecommerce platforms, announced today it has completed integration with 4-Tell, which provides an integrated suite of products that allows merchants to deliver individually personalized product recommendations to shoppers across all channels. The integration enables Upshot Commerce clients to offer their shoppers product recommendations based on personalized browsing…

Website Migration – Planning Makes All The Difference

In the middle or planning to start a website migration from one ecommerce platform to another? We’re seeing a tremendous amount of this within our own customer base and thought you might find this post from eCommerceFuel interesting and helpful.

Monday Still Trumps Friday in Online Sales

4-Tell announced today in a study of 105 midsized online retailers with over 1M shopping sessions, Cyber Monday is still more important than Black Friday for online retailers with 32% more sales this year.

Cyber Monday Still Trumps Black Friday Online

We studied over 100 mid-sized online retailers, and found their sales for the recent Holiday Weekend (Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday) were 32% higher for Cyber Monday than Black Friday.

Mobile Matters for All Retailers

Many retailers are seeing the shift as shoppers are using their phones for initial research but finalizing the purchase on their desk top. Being in all channels is important and within reach for retailers of all sizes.