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Yes We Can! But Should We?

Technology has provided us with many helpful gifts. One of those gifts is data. All you can eat, never ending buffet of data.  Sounds amazing, right? Little known fact about myself: I’m obsessed with efficiency. It’s a head scratcher to me when things are more difficult than they need to be. I ask – are…


The Tale of 4-Tell

Gather ’round, grandchildren. I want to tell you a story – a story from a long, long time ago. Yes, 2009 – technology’s Jurassic era. At the base of three active volcanoes – Mt. Hood, Mt. St. Helens, and Mt. Adams – two mad scientists heard a call from middle earth. Netflix – the defender…


Preserving your Shopper for a Lifetime

I once LOVED the word “Robust.” I always think of hearty holiday meals or a good glass of red wine. All that flavor. Nom nom. But since I started my career in tech, I cringe every time it’s written or spoken. “Robust” always sits in front of words like – functionality, platform, innovation, etc. –…


The Psychology of Consumer Choice

I’ll be honest, I’m an occasion shopper. Hot date next week? Shoes. A friend’s wedding this summer? Dress. What’s always true? Shopping in the 11th hour. With no time to spare, I need to find a specific piece. And needless to say, the stress needle is pointed at “high.” Wait. I see it. I’m walking…

Sales Associates

Leveraging Retail Sales Associates in 2017

“How do you like that one, honey?!” my mom yelled from the other side of the changing stall. “Meh. I don’t like the color. Too bright. Do they have this dress in black?” Before she could answer, our peppy sales associate was on the way with five other shades of the same dress in hand.…

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The Peaceful Transition of Customer Loyalty: Part II

I hope my first post shed some light on ways to engage millennials and increase customer loyalty within our generation. Below, is my attempt to bring our journey full circle. I believe – with the support of my company – the industry will see a massive shift in this direction in the years to come.…


The Peaceful Transition of Customer Loyalty: Part I

These days, it seems the word “Millennials” can’t be said without hearing a few grumbles. I get it. Millennials are the first generation to have grown up completely digital. Attempting to “keep current” can be insanely exhausting – from new social media platforms to constantly changing trends. It’s hard to get a pulse on how…

Christmas online shopping top view. Female buyer with laptop, copy space on screen. Woman has coffee, buys presents, prepare to xmas eve, sitting among gifts boxes and packages. Winter holidays sales

Holiday Review

Logical Position is one of our new partners and Ryan Garrow is their Ecommerce Expert and data wonk at heart when it comes to all things around Google Analytics. He’s always happy to share his knowledge. Here’s his take on why and how to review and assess your website traffic from the 2015 holidays to help your business in 2016.


How To Get More Value From Product Photography

This is the second in a series of posts from Genevieve Morganstern, CEO of Sadie. Today she talks about Versatility, leveraging the investment you should be making with product item photography.