4-Tell in OEN’s Seed Oregon Championship Round

4-Tell, a leading provider of automated, intelligent product recommendations for midsized eCommerce companies, is proud to have won the third round of Oregon  Entrepreneurs Network Seed Oregon.

Product recommendations, such as “customers who bought this, also bought these”, drive 35% of Amazon’s sales, rentals for 60% of Netflix customers, and lifted Overstock’s revenue by 250%. Yet most midsized online retailers miss this substantial additional revenue because product recommendations have historically been expensive and complex to implement.

With a business plan supported by data such as this, 4-Tell, Inc. won Round 3 of the “OEN PubTalk Seed Oregon” event, and then came in second place in the Championship round. 4-Tell promises to increase the sales of their midsized online retailer target market with intelligent, automated recommendations of products.

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