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HMK Increases Sales by 25%


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“4-Tell increased my online sales by 25%!”

– Kirk Zack, Founder, HMK USA

“It was as easy as they say to integrate, and I had complete control to display the product  recommendations however I wanted.”

– Elena Blanco, BlancoMedia


HMK increases sales 25%

Business Challenge

HMK USA is a pioneer in the snowmobile boot category. They’ve come a long way since their early days and have now expanded their product line from snowmobile boots to outerwear, apparel and accessories. The problem was that most shoppers came to their site for the well-known boots and didn’t venture beyond. How could HMK highlight more of their product line to consumers and sell deeper into their catalogue?


The 4-Tell Boost® Recommendations Engine was the perfect choice. Working closely with HMK’s interactive agency, Blancomedia, we implemented personalized product recommendations first in the shopping cart, and then expanded into the product detail pages.


The personalized site is much “stickier”, encouraging visitors to spend more time on the site, 3.1x longer and viewing 4.2x more products. Not only has it succeeded in showing consumers more of HMK’s product line, but sales are up a whopping 25% as a result. 4Tell’s personalized product recommendations have had a big impact on HMK’s bottom line.


HMK USA is a pioneer in the snowmobile boot category and now  offers outerwear, apparel and accessories.

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