osCommerce integration is simple to get 4-Tell product recommendations in your store today:

  1. Sign up for Your Client Alias
    Sign up here to activate your free trial and receive your Client Alias. There are no up-front fees or consulting required, and you will not be charged unless you continue using the service after the free trial period.
  2. Install the New Code Pages on Your Site
    You will receive an email with some instructions and a few files to upload to your site.  
  3. Edit Your Configuration Settings
    Edit the file: 4-Tell/4-tell-configure.php to adjust your user settings. The extension will not work until you insert your Client Alias into this file. Then set the data upload parameters.
  4. Schedule Data Uploads
    The file: 4-tell-upload.php contains all the functions necessary to upload your data to our service. Load this page in your server’s browser to get the service started. Then schedule this script to run nightly or weekly depending on your site traffic.

 That’s all there is to it to get personalized product recommendations! Let us know if you have any questions. We can walk you through the integration steps and learn your preferences.  You can contact our sales and support team at 503-746-9070 and/or


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