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4-Tell’s modern digital commerce platform drives collaboration, merchandising, efficiency, customer loyalty and profitability.

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What is Cognitive Commerce?

Cognitive Commerce is a system that learns. For us, we learn about everyone who visits your site – both in the aggregate and at the individual level. With a cognitive solution, data can be turned into knowledge, and we apply it in real-time.

Okay. Tell me more.

4-Tell’s machine learning algorithm and human powered implementation will help you redefine the shopper experience from start to finish.


We capture and record each step in your shopper’s journey starting the moment they land on your site.


Sit back while our algorithm dynamically provides insights as your shoppers click away.


We display recommendations, search, and navigation to match your site’s theme.


The data we collect will provide a personalized and seamless experience.


Track increased conversion and site traction through Google Analytics.

But really, how?

The 4-Tell dashboard gives insight into every product in your catalog and every shopper who has landed on your site.

consumer analytics cognitive engine

Can anyone prove this?

Yes! We work with hundreds of awesome merchants in many different industries. Some implementations have been simple. Many have been complex. What’s true? We always find a way to get the results.

But wait...there's more!

Online or in your store, use 4-Tell’s Cognitive Commerce Platform to increase engagement and build intelligence.

cognitive commerce
Double Digit Increases in Sales

On average, we increase the sales of our merchants by more than 17%.

cognitive commerce
Personalized Customer Experiences

Every recommendation is based on user preference determined by their history.

cognitive commerce
Powerful Merchandising Control

Our analytics constantly self-optimize. We enable full merchandising control for each customer.

cognitive commerce
Multi-Channel Support

4-Tell’s Cognitive Commerce Platform works on web, email, and mobile.

cognitive commerce
Targeted Customer Engagement

Across the board, we see 4x increase in time on site and product views.

cognitive commerce
Insight into Customer Behavior

4-Tell’s Cognitive Commerce Platform provides critical insights from real-time customer behavior.

Our partners? Simply, the best.

4-Tell integrates with ALL eCommerce and email platforms. Custom build? No worries, we have you covered.