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4-Tell’s modern digital commerce platform drives collaboration, merchandising efficiency, customer loyalty and profitability.

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What is Collaborative Commerce?

Guided by people and supported by cognitive technologies, collaborative commerce fosters loyalty and builds workforce productivity, efficiency and profitability. Collaborative commerce empowers sales and customer support with shopper-specific data to engage in personalized collaboration with every customer.

Our Collaboration Framework

4-Tell’s Collaborative Commerce Platform will enable your entire organization to redefine the shopper experience from start to finish of every buyer journey.


Gather customer data from search, recommendations, and intent signals.


Power your sales and customer support with insights surfaced from our platform.


Leverage shopper data to improve merchandising and customer loyalty.


Provide more personalized, engaging experiences online and in-store.


Enable your workforce to collaborate with data, intelligence and inspiration.

Unite around your buyers.

Understanding shopper behavior is a critical element to leverage as you enable your salespeople to join the digital conversation. Our Cognitive Commerce Engine enriches real-time shopper data and displays it in visual, user-specific profiles through our Collaborative Commerce Platform. In showcasing shopper behavior and buying signals, we inspire sales to collaborate more effectively with every shopper – driving loyalty, inspiring confidence and, ultimately, boosting business results.

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Champions of your success, partners for your future

4-Tell offers ongoing support to translate unique business goals and objectives into an illuminated path to personalization success. Our most successful partners? Those who challenge the status quo and look to reinvent the wheel of Digital Commerce.

Organization-wide Impact

From sales to marketing to your customers – 4-Tell’s Collaborative Commerce Platform builds intelligence, increases engagement, and allows for efficient and effective collaboration among sales, customer support and the customer/buyer.

cognitive commerce
Increase Sales and Loyalty
Knowledgeable associates drive sales and customer loyalty through collaboration and personalized experiences online and offline.
cognitive commerce
Personalize Customer Experiences
Our platform surfaces user-specific knowledge to enable associates to personalize every customer interaction at each touch point.
cognitive commerce
Powerful Merchandising Controls
By understanding how cohorts of shoppers are interacting with products, our customers have the control to set rules and logic to serve the right products to the right segments.
cognitive commerce
Support Multiple Channels
By integrating data from all involved systems and surfacing the knowledge through our platform, every individual in an organization can collaborate with shoppers through the entire shopper journey: In-store, mobile and online.
cognitive commerce
Target Individual Engagements
Our system identifies which customer cohorts are high value so associates can target specific individuals to engage in conversation - online and in-store.
cognitive commerce
Insights into Customer Behavior
To serve and power the needs of individuals throughout the organization, 4-Tell’s Collaborative Commerce Platform provides critical insights into individual and cohort consumer behavior.

Our partners? Simply, the best.

4-Tell integrates with ALL eCommerce and email platforms. Custom build? No worries, we have you covered.