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Multiply your Marketing Impact with 4-Tell

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How much do you spend on online marketing? Marketing’s goal, especially search engine marketing and optimization (SEO/SEM), is to get people to your online store. How many of them end up buying once they’re there? More than the average 2%? We help you better leverage the marketing dollars you’re already spending. The 4-Tell Boost® Recommendation Engine converts more of your shoppers into paying customers, making more of your marketing budget count. The Boost Engine is a conversion optimization tool. Shoppers who click on recommendations, on average, are 3 to 4 times more likely to buy something. This provides a 25% overall lift in conversion. Furthermore, we provide a better shopping experience for your customers, and it shows – in your analytics, your SEO ranking, and your bottom line.

Value of Recommendations for SEO

Recommendations dramatically increase the time on site and number of products viewed by shoppers. These improved analytics lift your Google page rank, because they “tell” Google that you are serving up relevant content to users. Ultimately, it means your page will be listed higher in Google’s organic search results. Your store will obtain more shoppers from organic search, and these shoppers are more likely to buy something. Both of these are due to recommendations and both help to increase your sales.

Value of Recommendations for SEM

Increasing conversion affects search engine marketing (SEM) too. Think about how much you spend on SEM for all those pay-per-click keywords. You are paying a lot to get shoppers to your website, and the Boost Engine helps convert those browsers to buyers. The increase in conversion has a multiplier effect on your SEM spend. For example, if we increase your overall conversion by 25%, you are making 1.25 times more from your SEM spend. Another way to think about it is if you are spending $2,000 per month on SEM, adding recommendations to your online store provides the same effect as spending $2,500. If you are seeing a 20X return from SEM, then you would see an additional $10,000 per month just from recommendations and SEM. (Consider what would happen if you could increase your marketing budget!)

A Marketer’s Best Friend

Rainbow Arrows in a CircleBecause they increase the value of your marketing budget, product recommendations can be thought of as a marketing multiplier. It’s a cycle: recommendations increase onsite conversion, result in higher organic search ranking for your site, and increase the return on advertising for PPC / SEM. Even your consumer wins, by being able to find what he or she is searching for. When you consider what you spend on 4-Tell, we’re confident you’ll conclude we provide you with great value.