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product recommendations

Home Page

A shopper has landed on your homepage – solid start. So, what’s next? What experience is driving your shopper from your homepage to checkout? At 4-Tell, we think every experience should be uniquely relevant. We know what your shoppers want and we know what they need in order for them to feel like they’ve had a positive shopping experience. More than just an immediate conversion, a tailored shopping experience with personalized product recommendations provides your shopper with a sense of belonging. They’ll want to stay longer. More important, they’ll come back. And that is EXACTLY what 4-Tell’s Cognitive Commerce Platform delivers for you and for your customers.

Product Pages

Your shoppers are inching closer. They’ve found at least one product to which they can relate. Let them try on that dress, let them see that power tool, let them visualize that fishing rod in their hand. Whatever the product – we’ll entice them with more options and accessories. Because, let’s be honest, shoes can make or break an outfit and a nail isn’t a nail without a hammer. 4-Tell Cognitive Commerce Platform recommends personalized cross-sell and up-sell items for a complete shopping experience. Our customers – on average – see a double digit increase in conversions by having product recommendations on this page.

product recommendations
product recommendations

Category Page

Sometimes, your shoppers won’t always know what they’re looking for until it’s directly in front of them. We know that the more product recommendations you show, the more products you’ll sell. 4-Tell’s Cognitive Commerce Platform creates a shopping experience to help your shoppers get to THAT item – the one they didn’t even know they were looking for. They had an idea of what they needed. But building and displaying perfectly relevant product recommendations will inspire your shopper from start to finish. Talk about a win.

Shopping Cart

Check out time – the best and worst time of shopping. Your shopper’s cart is full, but will they commit? Myth: Don’t put recommendations in the cart. Fact: Product recommendations in the cart lead to increased sales. You want product recommendations in the cart. Because your shopper is at a critical stage – they are making sure they have everything they need for that weekend trip, for that wedding outfit, for that job interview. 4-Tell’s Cognitive Commerce Engine helps your customers review other items to complete their shopping trip before sealing the deal. What is true? Recommendations in the cart ALWAYS lead to increased sales, conversion, AOV, engagement. All of it. Do more than cross your fingers – drop 4-Tell product recommendations in your cart.

masc cart product recommendations
404 page product recommendations

Error Pages

Error! 404! Error! Okay – admit it. You botched this one. But when life hands you lemons, we absolutely recommend other related fruit. Perhaps even a vegetable if the data says so. 4-Tell takes a lost opportunity and the #1 site abandon moment and re-directs the shopper back to relevancy. 404 page product recommendations give your shoppers another opportunity to buy.

1-to-1 Personalization

Imagine this: Every time your shopper comes to your store, they have an entire section dedicated to their preferences! Impossible, you say? Good news! 4-Tell’s Your Store product makes this a reality. Give your shoppers their own personalized page where every product will be recommended in their style, size, preference etc. Everything will be individualized and personalized for your shopper. Isn’t that nice? Shoppers sure think so.

As soon as a shopper lands on your site, our 4-Tell Cognitive Commerce Engine goes to work. In the background, we are collecting data to provide the most personalized shopping experience. The Your Store page is entirely based on the unique browsing and purchasing behavior of each individual shopper. 4-Tell Cognitive Commerce Engine will always recommend complimentary that will surprise and excite. Voilà! Everyone is happy.

Finally, Your Store serves as the human touch. A whole page just for your shopper is a great way to make a personal connection. It builds trust, loyalty, and lifetime value.

for you personalized shopping
leaf and mobile product recommendations

Marketing Emails

Every interaction with your shopper is a chance to convert. From seasonal promotions to general announcements, adding personal recommendations to your email marketing efforts will increase the lifetime value and average order value of your shoppers.

Transactional Emails

When you send transactional emails with recommendations, shoppers turn around and buy more. The effectiveness of putting product recommendations in transactional emails still blows our minds. Simply put, it works. It’s a marginal, but proven increase. Cross-sell and up-sell offers have both been proven to be effective.

Abandon Cart Emails

Abandoned cart emails are a great place to add 4-Tell product recommendations. Your shopper left your site with products in their cart. But instead of reminding them what they left, remind them why they should complete their order. Show them more of your catalog. You have what they are looking for – show them with 4-Tell product recommendations.