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Survey says: Which e-commerce platforms are in widespread use?

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Here an interesting ecommerce platform survey from UK Magento developer Tom Robertshaw.  Tom writes that his signature detection methodology has improved, allowing his analysis to disclose previously unidentified e-commmerce engines.

“The June 2011 eCommerce survey of the Alexa top 1 million sites found 25,592 online stores. Magento continues to reign as the most popular platform with 4,705 sites, an 15% increase since February.

Zen Cart sees the largest gains, doubling to 3,167 sites. This results in Zen Cart becoming the second most popular eCommerce software in the top 1 million sites. This increase is predominantly due to improvements in the signatures used to detect technologies. These also led to 800 more web sites running IBM WebSphere being identified. While these two pieces of software were the most heavily affected by adjustments to the survey, improvements were made across the board.

Of all software analysed, osCommerce saw the largest loss; falling from 3,033 sites in February to 2,554 responding in this edition.”

You can find the full article via this link to Tom’s blog