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The Power of Transactional Email

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I’ve been preaching about the power of transactional email for a long time. These emails have higher open rates and are kept around a lot longer than any other kind of email. Use this opportunity and space to include personalized recommendations that are based on the customer’s order or buying habits. Don’t miss a powerful opportunity to include personalized upsell/cross-sell items!

This Practical eCommerce article includes 5 techniques to improve results from your transactional emails. Specifically, optimize transactional emails to encourage customer interaction, and repeat sales. Of course, 4-Tell Boost’s powerful recommendation solution can help. You can use 4-Tell Boost in email, regardless of whether or not you are using our service on your website. Very cool!

For more info on using 4-Tell Boost Product Recommendations in your transactional email (or any email campaign you do), learn more here.